Building The Future of Experiential Dining

  • Our Mission: Value Time

  • Our Mission: Encourage Evolving Exploration

  • Our Mission: Create Moments That Earn Memories

  • Our Mission: Share In Prosperity With Our Team & Community

AMP Up1 Hospitality Group was founded by a group of passionate hospitality industry leaders that are unified in the belief that gathering over great food, drink and fun is an essential part of the human experience. Our diverse team has over 200 years in the dining and entertainment space with a track record for successfully building brands.  The organization believes that providing autonomy, mastery, and purpose is the key to building a  motivated team who can, in turn, deliver incredible experiences to our guests.

Our purpose is connecting people and building community.  We achieve this within our brands by upholding our mission to value time, encourage evolving exploration, create moments that earn memories, and share in our prosperity with our team and community.

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